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Extreme Makeover at the 
Off-Broadway “HU

 W. 2225 Mallon 

“No chance at all IF you think you can pull it off yourself.  Every chance in the world IF you trust God to do it.”    Matthew 19:26

The HUB is owned by God under the operation of Christians through OBFO.                    We are the Church (the Body of Christ)  from many different harbors (denominations) coming together to rekindle the DREAM to “Walk in Peace” as we live to love one another...feeding the hungry in body and spirit.  

 "4" YEARS ago the Pole Barn and resident house was gifted for use to   Off-Broadway!  The DRUG HOUSE known state wide was located on a corner where "mass drug deals" and violence seemed to prevail!   No paid staff, no paycheck     for your work, the people came one by one to help rebuild the walls from the  foundation to the top of the roof!  Gangs started to shift from "assault" to become part of "God's Handprint" upon the Lighthouse wall!  Each print marked represented a personal pledge to walk in peace...and they did!  

For the past 4 years each nail and board represented lives won - transformed      into new men, women, and youth who were lost and now saved as we walked       on to today! 

MAY 12, 2016 the Kerwin Williams RED DAY TEAMS partnered with the city to complete the building transforming the Pole Barn into the Lighthouse Roadside Harbor!   Thank you for giving to make our tomorrow brighter today for the children of all ages who live in West Side!            


 The Off-Broadway Lighthouse HUB
Helping Us B
elieve there is HOPE 
W. 2225 Mallon, Spokane, WA 99201
The HUB (pole barn pictured and house) was purchased by an anonymous donor to enable OFBO to serve the community on the same corner where off Broadway was birthed over 16 years ago! Its current condition is much like we are as people before we give our lives to Jesus...  Broken and ready to receive an "EXTREME MAKEOVER."  

Welcome to Off-Broadway as the "Birth of HOPE" unfolds as men and women across our city join forces to repair and reconstruct the house and barn into a "HUB" for HOPE & healing.  

The HUB will be a place of peace and a safe haven for the neighborhood to  grow with Jesus.

 (Handprints of Peace seen below)

God's Promise becomes a reality! 

The future promises to hold  a Roadside chapel/gathering center/and ministry home base for food distribution.

For I know the plans I have for you, 
plans to give you  hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11



In front of the Lighthouse "HUB" handprints of peace
"WALL" alongside Larry Whiston, (R.) Founder of the street ministry who now serves as our Missionary in  Gallup, NM.

Summer of 2012
UGM linked arms with Mosaic Church to help provide "free" Boot Camps for our soldiers of love as seen above.  Doors seemed forever closed to our prayers for a summer under the "SON" where the children could experience God.   God heard our prayers and the cries of the children as He blessed us with the "Body" of Christ (pictured above)  who now help carry the Vision to the streets at the Lighthouse HUB on West Mallon and Broadway area.  

Will you prayerfully consider helping us reach the people of our city? Your tax-deductible donation will assist us in restoring the HUB and meeting the needs of the ministry as we serve our community. With your help, we can restore the HUB as God restore lives. 

Together we will light our city as we allow God’s love to shine through us. 


  Donations sent to:   PO Box 9813  Spokane, WA 99209   
Tax deductible giving - 501C3


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